My name is Vlad Vučković, and this is my website which present the skills with web design, my blog posts and some photographs.

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UX and Customer Experience

Able to listen, hear and respect what a client wants and requires. Oh yeah, and I speak four languages.

Graphic and Web Design

Designing websites, playing with logos, arranging and organizing things.

Writer and Copywriter

Everybody has a story to share, regardless is it a person, an object, a product or a website. Stories are all around us...

Computer whisperer and IT Guru

I speak to the computers and computers understand me...


7 Years of Experience

Software Skills


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Microsoft Office

Design Skills

Web Design

Print Design

Logo Design

Graphic Design


Coding Skills



Python (Learning)


Me talking about myself

A whole page just about myself.


Well, first of all - Hello!

My name is Vladimir (Vlad) Vučković and I'm a Freelance Web Designer, sometimes a Writer and sometimes wanting to be a Photographer.

I've been into Web Design and Graphic Design since almost the inception of WordPress and even since the time when CSS was part of the HTML page. Most of the things I have learned on my own, by experimenting and playing around. The first website I ever made was in Microsoft Outlook, when I was 14, by saving different designs of emails and making pages of website out of them.

We’ve come a long way since then…

I like to hear you and to focus on your vision, which i can implement later through my creativity.


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Under construction

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